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Published on July 29, 2023

Why watch? 

In today’s fast-paced world, the question arises: Are we changing enough with technology? The data suggests otherwise, indicating a need for a transformative approach. Despite significant investments in technology, the returns in terms of productivity gains have dwindled compared to prior decades. Moreover, customer experience scores seem to be stagnating, pointing to a pervasive digital sameness in the market. But why is this happening?

The solution lies in becoming “customer-obsessed.” Watch this Forrester presentation to discover the critical link between business maturity (customer obsession) and tech maturity, and how future-fit organizations embrace technology and redefine their strategies.

What you’ll learn 

  • Inadequate technological transformation

  • Reasons to choose customer obsession for a competitive edge

  • Traits of customer-obsessed organizations

  • Linking business maturity to technology demand

  • Why building a future-fit strategy is better

About the speaker


Dane Anderson
SVP, international research and product, Forrester

Dane leads Forrester’s international research and product teams in Asia-Pacific and Europe. Prior to this role, he provided strategic guidance and advice to Forrester’s clients in the areas of digital business transformation, customer experience, and Forrester’s customer-obsessed operating model. Dane’s research and the teams he led focused on helping clients shift their organizational structures, cultures, processes, metrics, and operations from inward-looking legacy approaches to an outward-looking model driven by the customer. He is also a domain expert in emerging markets with a career based in Asia-Pacific as an industry analyst, entrepreneur, and business leader for over 25 years.

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