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Published on October 12, 2022

Why watch? 

The accelerated digital transformation we’ve witnessed since the beginning of the pandemic has provided plenty of people-centric opportunities, especially as we automate mundane tasks. All of the innovations that shook the industry—the advent of robotics and automation, the collection of employee data to build user behavior baselines, and the shift in power from employers to employees—have driven us to a place we used to call the future of work, which is here now.

How things get done in an enterprise, particularly when organizations think about who does the work and what work is being done, is no longer defined by where employees are working. So, how do we respond to the era of remote work?

Watch this presentation supported by the latest Forrester research to understand the implications of adapting to the “now of work” era by improving the employee experience.

What you’ll learn 

  • The future of work beyond the pandemic
  • Responding to the “where” component in the future of work
  • Key predictors to measure employee engagement
  • The link between customer and employee experiences
  • Anywhere work doesn’t mean eliminating office-based work

About the speaker


Sam Higgins
Principal Analyst, Forrester

Sam Higgins is a principal analyst at Forrester. Sam assists technology executives and their business counterparts in understanding the opportunities and barriers facing them and their teams from continual technology-driven transformation. Sam's current research focuses on business and technology leader collaboration, and employee experience for technology leaders as well as local and regional adoption of emerging technology for enterprise, digital, and IT transformation.

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