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Security in 2023: Challenges, emerging technologies, and opportunities from Zero Trust and AI

An exclusive session brought to you by ManageEngine in collaboration with Forrester.

Published on June 23, 2023

Why watch? 

In the ever-changing digital landscape, security is undergoing a profound transformation. Traditional models no longer cut it against sophisticated threats. Enter Zero Trust: a groundbreaking concept that verifies trust at every interaction, enabling organizations to build adaptive defenses for the future.

But there’s more. Artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as a powerful weapon in the fight against cyberthreats. As we dive into the exciting world of security in 2023, we must approach generative AI cautiously. While it fuels creativity and innovation, responsible usage is paramount to avoid misinformation and privacy breaches. By understanding the risks and embracing generative AI wisely, we can unlock its potential while sidestepping its pitfalls.

Watch this Forrester presentation to discover the latest security insights, navigate generative AI wisely, and master the art of building a successful Zero Trust strategy.

What you’ll learn 

  • Challenges for organizations, priorities of CISOs

  • Why security leaders are adopting generative AI

  • Potential for generative AI in security tools

  • How to succeed with Zero Trust

  • Examples of a successfully implemented Zero Trust strategy

About the speaker


Allie Mellen
Senior analyst, Forrester

Allie Mellen supports security executives and professionals in building and maturing their threat detection and response strategies. Her coverage includes the people, processes, and technology in security operations. From a technology perspective, this includes security information and event management (SIEM); security user behavior analytics (SUBA); security analytics (SA); security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR); endpoint detection and response (EDR); and extended detection and response (XDR). Her research focuses on the current state and evolution of ransomware, MITRE ATT&CK®, analytics, AI/ML, detection, automation, and response in security.

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