• 2:23The evolution of AI
  • 5:50AI in the healthcare sector
  • 8:50AI’s role in the fight against COVID-19
  • 12:18Clinical application of AI
  • 16:30Streamlining administrative processes with AI
  • 18:19Challenges of AI implementation in the healthcare industry
  • 21:00Digital transformation with AI
  • 25:18AI and telemedicine
  • 28:16Preparing for AI in the healthcare sector
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Leveraging AI to transform the healthcare industry

Artificial intelligence is often touted as one of the most groundbreaking technological innovations of the decade, and many are turning to AI-based systems to confront the pandemic and tackle changing workplaces. At the epicentre of this unfolding global crisis, the healthcare industry has been hit the hardest; however, with AI finding applications in disease detection and prediction, patient triaging, administrative processes, and more, the future of the healthcare sector is promising.


  • AI’s role and application in the healthcare industry
  • How AI can help the healthcare industry tackle the pandemic and other challenges
  • AI’s contribution to healthcare IT management
  • How AI can accelerate digital transformation in the healthcare sector

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