Digital Transformation

Episode 2: Can technology and sustainability coexist?

Published on June 28, 2023

Technology and sustainability have long been seen as two things that cannot go together. After all, producing the very technology we need is not environmentally friendly. From smartphones and laptops to USB devices and LAN cables, the manufacturing process of ICT hardware consumes a significant amount of resources. The internet’s energy expenditure rivals that of many well-developed economies and our digital habits just make it worse.

Today, one of the most pressing challenges to achieving sustainability is the belief that someone else will take the lead. It’s tempting to think, “Why should I bother if others aren’t doing their part?” Yet, it is the collective effort that truly drives meaningful change.

Watch our video to learn more about how organizations, and you as an individual, can help drive sustainable change!

What’s this episode about?

    • The perceived disconnect between technology and sustainability
    • The urgent need to reduce greenhouse emissions
    • The environmental impact of our digital habits
    • Actionable insights for organizations to bridge the gap between technology and sustainability

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