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How cybersecurity builds a sustainable future

Published on January 05, 2023

Why watch? 

Here’s a familiar term: sustainable development. First used in 1987, it has since taken various shapes for a plethora of uses. But right now, sustainability has become the need of the hour—the need to evolve without compromising the survival of future generations. By 2025, an estimated 1.8 billion people on this planet will not have access to drinking water. If we don’t change our ways in the next 27 years, experts predict we will run out of food. And at our current rate of consumption, we need around 1.7 planet Earths to sustain us.

But how does cybersecurity play a role in contributing towards a more sustainable world? Watch this keynote presentation by Jane Frankland as she covers the potential roadmap for the future cyber world and the hurdles we need to overcome to support a sustainable planet.

What you’ll learn 

  • Our need for the sustainability culture

  • The possible path for the future of cyber

  • Challenges to overcome to support a sustainable planet

  • Sustainable future investments of people, processes, and technology

  • How cybersecurity can build a sustainable future

About the speaker


Jane Frankland
Founder and CEO, KnewStart

Jane is a tech entrepreneur, author, speaker, and women's change agent. She is also an unshakable optimist, environmentalist, and pacifist, who wants to see our planet thrive. She believes the world will only be safer, happier, and more prosperous when there are more women in male-dominated fields, like cyber.

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