Digital Transformation

Driving digital maturity: The key to becoming a high-performing organization

Presented at the ManageEngine User Conference, Dubai by Manuel Geitz, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Published on March 19, 2024 | 1 minute

Why watch?

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, simply having technology isn’t enough. Organizations need to be digitally mature to truly thrive. But what exactly is digital maturity?

It’s the ability to leverage technology effectively across your entire organization, from making strategic tech investments to fostering a culture of innovation and data-driven decision-making. The digital landscape demands that organizations constantly adapt and innovate to remain competitive and successful. Digital maturity is also the key to driving sustainable value from your technology investments and building a high-performing, future-ready organization.

Whether you oversee business strategy, drive technological change, or want to stay ahead in the digital landscape, this presentation is designed for you. Prepare to unlock your organization’s full potential and become a truly high-performing, digitally mature leader. Tune into this insightful video presentation by Forrester Analyst Manuel Geitz as he cuts through the complexity of digital maturity.

By the end, you will understand what it means for your organization to advance in digital maturity and gain a clear path and practical knowledge towards achieving it.

What you’ll learn:

  • The foundations of digital maturity

  • The five dimensions of success

  • Innovation as a driving force

  • Practical steps to transformation

  • Building a high-performance organization

Manuel Geitz

Manuel Geitz

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Manuel Geitz is a Principal Analyst at Forrester and his research focuses on enterprise transformation, innovation, and strategy, as well as the various points where those three topics intersect. He supports tech executives in incrementally maturing their organizations to become more adaptive, creative, and resilient. Taking a holistic approach towards transformation, Manuel is most focused on orchestrated execution across all dimensions of change. Additional research coverage areas include building innovation-enabling technology and behaviors while transforming your enterprise and assessing new strategic options.