Digital Transformation

Setting futuristic goals for ITSM

Athira Jayakumar

Published on July 20, 2022

The pandemic has had its impact on ITSM. With people working from home, organizations have had to ensure their employees have a smooth remote working experience with next to little IT-support-related hiccups. Many organizations have embraced this change and used it as an opportunity to build stronger and more resilient ITSM.

Today, organizations are in search of innovative ways to better their ITSM. They are increasingly adopting AI-powered service management (AISM) for intelligent ticket routing and to expand their IT self-service capabilities, use insights from IT data to improve their overall IT operations, and implement automation to provide a better employee experience.

This videocast will explore some of the latest trends, tools, and techniques used in modern-day ITSM, and will try to unravel how IT teams can derive value by incorporating these new trends.


  • ITSM: a driver of DX

  • What AISM is and what it means for enterprises today

  • How to ensure a frictionless employee experience

  • The importance of collaboration and co-creation from a service management perspective

  • Ways to reduce IT resource waste, in turn reducing costs, wasted effort, and repetitive, mundane IT tasks

  • How to optimize processes with the help of workflow automation and orchestration

  • Extending the principles of service management beyond IT with the help of ESM

  • The future of ITSM

Athira Jayakumar

Athira Jayakumar

Enterprise Analyst, ManageEngine

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