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Succeeding in the face of uncertainty with a future-fit technology strategy

An exclusive session brought to you by ManageEngine in collaboration with Forrester.

Published on September 20, 2023

Why watch?

In today’s world, market dynamics have fundamentally changed, and the risks are numerous, encompassing cyber incidents, social unrest, economic uncertainty, extreme climate events, and more. Yet, businesses continue to thrive by embracing resilience and being relentlessly customer-obsessed.

To achieve this, companies should shift from traditional, linear delivery models to ones that are responsive, adaptive, and capable of thriving in the unpredictable landscape. How is that possible? Future-fit technology strategies hold the key.

Learn how resilience in the face of uncertainty can be a game-changer for making your organization future-fit, turning disruptions into opportunities for growth. Additionally, explore why customer-centricity is the key to navigating uncertain times and how it drives success.

In this enlightening Forrester session, uncover the transformative power future-fit technology strategies hold, allowing organizations to flourish amidst any backdrop, all while remaining customer-obsessed.

What you’ll learn

  • Business resilience as a competitive advantage
  • How customer-obsessed businesses survive uncertainty
  • Future-fit technology strategies and practices
  • CIOs’ outlook on future-fit technology
  • Taking a platform-, practice-, and partner-based approach

About the speaker


Sam Higgins
Principal Analyst, Forrester

Sam Higgins is a principal analyst at Forrester. Sam assists technology executives and their business counterparts in understanding the opportunities and barriers facing them and their teams from continual technology-driven transformation. Sam's current research focuses on business and technology leader collaboration, and employee experience for technology leaders as well as local and regional adoption of emerging technology for enterprise, digital, and IT transformation.

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