Digital Transformation

The rise of fintech: Unravelling the revolution transforming the financial landscape

Published on October 26, 2021

The fintech world has recently been witnessing massive developments. From digital payment solutions to online banking applications, countries across the world have embraced and switched to these digital alternatives. And the COVID-19 pandemic has only boosted this transition further. What was once a cautious adoption of financial technologies has seen a meteoric rise as consumers, financial institutions, and regulators became more aware of the many benefits fintech has to offer.

Today, we find ourselves in a world where digital access to financial services has become a natural expectation. The latest episode of the ManageEngine Insights podcast will discuss the factors behind this growth in fintech, the recent developments in this sector, the many benefits it brings to the table (for businesses and consumers alike), and the challenges that arise out of such developments.


  • Decoding the massive growth of fintech
  • Democratizing financial technologies
  • Addressing scale and viability challenges
  • Navigating the regulatory landscape
  • How emerging economies can catch up with mature financial economies
  • Flip side of fintech: growth in risk, security, and resilience challenges
  • Future of fintech
  • The effect of blockchain and what to expect

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