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Thriving in the digital era: Unleash the power of digital maturity

Presented at the ManageEngine User Conference, Sweden by William Dahlgren, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Published on May 09, 2024 | 1 minute

Why watch?

The digital era demands continuous evolution. But organizations can’t simply possess technology to excel—they must achieve digital maturity.

What does this mean for your business? Digital maturity empowers you to harness technology throughout your organization. It fuels strategic investments, fosters innovation, and promotes data-driven decisions. It’s your key to sustainable value, adaptability, and a future-ready mindset.

Whether you shape corporate strategy, lead technological change, or simply want to navigate the digital landscape, this presentation is for you. Prepare to unleash your organization’s potential and become a digitally mature leader. Forrester analyst William Dahlgren offers profound insights on navigating the path to digital maturity.

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding digital maturity

  • The benefits of digital maturity for organizations

  • The five dimensions of digital maturity

  • Fostering talent and culture

  • Practical ways to achieve digital maturity

  • The transformation journey and what it takes

William Dahlgren

William Dahlgren

Principal Analyst, Forrester

As an analyst at Forrester, William focuses his research on digital strategy, digital transformation execution, metrics, and processes across industries. He also holds an interest in how digital strategy and digital processes impact sustainability. William is located in Stockholm, Sweden, covering the Nordics within the Digital Business & Strategy service.

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