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Social engineering and Zero Trust—the human element in cybersecurity

Published on April 21, 2022

The past few years have seen organizations transform faster than ever before. However, while the how and where of work may have changed, one thing has not: People are still the weakest link in an organization’s defenses. As a result, social engineering attacks—a constant since the early days of the internet—are still prevalent today. To combat these and other evolving threats, several organizations have begun exploring the idea of implementing Zero Trust security.

In this episode of the ManageEngine Insights podcast, we discuss how social engineering works as well as how and to what extent a Zero Trust security model can help defend against it.


  • The human element in cybersecurity
  • The what and how of social engineering
  • The evolution of social engineering attacks
  • How effective is Zero Trust against social engineering?
  • Key principles for effective Zero Trust implementation
  • Beyond Zero Trust–other steps to secure an organization
  • The future of Zero Trust and social engineering


Enterprise Analyst, ManageEngine

Akash Kapur is an enterprise analyst at ManageEngine. He has an interest in all things technology and science, and tries to keep abreast of the latest happenings in the fields of science and technology—especially cybersecurity, from a lay person’s perspective.

With prior experience in a FinTech firm and an MBA in marketing, he’s learned about the fields of finance, technology, and marketing.

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