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Moving beyond the buzzwords hype: The reality of gender equality in cybersecurity

Published on February 02, 2022

Organizations have been grappling with diversity and inclusion issues for a long time now. When it comes to gender equality in the tech industry, particularly the cybersecurity sector, companies have a lot of room for improvement. While the numbers are improving, there’s still a long way to go before we reach satisfactory numbers that ensure gender equity in the workplace. What’s more, in the face of increasing digital innovations and the alarming rise in cybersecurity threats, the industry is in dire need of skilled cybersecurity professionals, a need that a wider and more inclusive talent pool can address.

In this episode of the ManageEngine Insights podcast, we’ll understand the benefits that women bring to the tech industry, the challenges they face, and how the world of cybersecurity can benefit from gender parity.


  • Women in tech and cybersecurity
  • The challenges women face in the tech industry
  • The benefits and advantages women bring to the table
  • Women in leadership roles in cybersecurity
  • What do women in tech want
  • How can organizations empower their female employees
  • How can organizations achieve gender balance

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