• 1:15The state of the M&A landscape
  • 6:33Cybersecurity concerns during the COVID era
  • 9:47Change in valuations and bid/ask spreads
  • 12:52The SPAC boom
  • 15:56Cultural aftermath of an acquisition
  • 19:40Influence of private equity firms
  • 24:44AI regulation
  • 31:07The state of AI, the prospect of artificial general intelligence, and Elon Musk
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An analysis of the current M&A landscape

As the pandemic eventually comes to a resolution, we will likely see a resurgence of M&A activity. Timothy Kasbe, president of Zoho Corporation, weighs in on the influence of private equity firms, the recent SPAC boom, and what the overall landscape will look like in the upcoming months.

Seeing as Kasbe recently completed his doctoral studies in the ethics of artificial intelligence, we also took some time to discuss the effects of AI and its potential to bring about change. Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important to IT personnel, and it’s vital that we remain cognizant of the effects that AI is likely to have on society, business models, and management teams.


  • The state of the M&A landscape
  • Cybersecurity as a threat to deals during the COVID era
  • Traditional IPOs, direct listings, and SPACs
  • The cultural aftermath of an acquisition and the influence of private equity firms
  • AI regulation and the potential to stifle innovation
  • Technological job displacement
  • Artificial general intelligence

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