• 2:08Understanding the rise in cloud adoption
  • 6:53Building agility with the help of the cloud
  • 11:42Tackling data localization challenges
  • 16:40Data security and privacy in hybrid cloud
  • 21:30DIntegrating colocation into a hybrid cloud strategy
  • 26:03Addressing cloud adoption challenges
  • 32:41Growth of as-a-service models
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Building resilience with cloud transformation

Amidst the complexity of today’s dynamic market landscape, the cloud has emerged as a reliable technology whose benefits are far-reaching and long-lasting. Despite COVID-19 affecting global IT spending, companies have continued to invest in cloud solutions. Be it making the business more agile or accelerating their digital transformation goals, companies are turning to the cloud for a variety of reasons.

 This video podcast will explore how cloud empowers organizations in an unprecedented time and how it helps businesses build that coveted IT resilience.


  • Factors behind the increasing cloud investment
  • Building enterprise agility with a cloud-first policy
  • Addressing data localisation challenges
  • Understanding hybrid cloud and colocation
  • Cloud strategy pitfalls
  • Beyond SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS

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