• 1:27Main issues surrounding AI
  • 3:43Ethical gray areas
  • 7:35Self-regulation
  • 9:49Blockchain technologies
  • 12:26Short-term effects of AI in the post-COVID era
  • 15:34Self-driving cars
  • 32:41Artificial general intelligence, deepfakes, and data poisoning
  • 23:05A dangerous situation: surreptitious data collection and behavioral modeling
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The current state of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Machine learning, big data analysis, and AI-based models are increasingly ubiquitous, and this is unlikely to change in the post-COVID era. Babar Bhatti, an expert in the field of artificial intelligence, discusses the near-term and long-term effects of AI on businesses and society. Bhatti has nearly two decades worth of experience in AI, machine learning, advanced analytics, cloud computing, and product management.


  • The main issues surrounding AI
  • Ethical AI gray areas that companies need to address
  • Companies’ inability to self-regulate
  • Casual inference, counterfactuals, blockchain technologies, and data integrity within AI models
  • The effects of AI in the post-COVID era
  • The long-term impacts of AI
  • Self-driving cars and artificial general intelligence
  • Deepfake audio and video
  • Data poisoning and black box models

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