Privacy and Compliance

Securing data through the compliance lens

Published on September 09, 2022

As globalization takes shape and government regulations defy borders, the issue of compliance risk remains a top-level business issue. Growing concerns over consumer privacy and data security have prompted a rush of legislation intended to hold organizations more accountable for maintaining and sharing the information they collect about consumers.

Given the speed and scope of change, more senior executives and board members are becoming anxious about not keeping up with advances and trends in the marketplace. Their fears are well-founded. Not staying current with compliance management can expose organizations to greater regulatory and reputational risk. 

In this videocast, we’ll explore complex scenarios where enterprises struggle to balance their compliance needs and business goals. We’ll also take a look at the role of evolving technologies in an organization’s compliance journey.


  • Mandating privacy and compliance for every employee
  • Addressing complex scenarios faced by employees regarding data privacy
  • Evaluating the ways organizations deal with employee data
  • Overcoming the friction caused when organizations embrace emerging technologies
  • Discussing the effects on privacy in an AI-driven world
  • Exploring the current frameworks available for AI governance and development

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